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There are two universities in Manchester, both welcoming thousands of students every year, and because of this there is a huge selection of accommodation for students moving to the city.

University Halls of Residence

The University of Manchester

The University of Manchester offers places in over 20 halls of residence, with all of them being within 3 miles of the university campus. The university have 7 options in the city, all of which are self-catered, and while Whitworth Park and Write Robinson have shared bathrooms, the other 5 residences are all en-suite.

The Victoria Park and Fallowfield sites both have options for students looking for catered accommodation, with Victoria Park’s Hulme Hall and Fallowfield’s Owens Park poving popular with first year students. Victoria Park, while outside the centre, is still only a 15 minute walk to the university campus, while the Fallowfield site sits in a more suburban area, encouraging students to become part of the community there. Fallowfield is also well suited to students looking to become involved in sports at the university, as the residences there are no more than 5 minutes walk away from the university’s sports facilities.

Manchester Metropolitan University

The majority of accommodation available to students attending Manchester Metropolitan University is based in the heart of the city, with Daisy Bank being the only residence sitting away from the centre. All of the residences are both self catered and have en-suite bathrooms available, with prices ranging from around £100 to £140 per week. MMU also have a partnership with private student accommodation providers, who’s halls of residences can also be applied to through the university. Of these residences, Wilmslow Park is situated in a similar area to Daisy Bank, while the other three sites are near the university’s own in the city centre.