The Ropewalks Madison Square, Liverpool, Merseyside. (c) English Heritage

With so many new students arriving in Liverpool every September, it’s no wonder the city has become renowned for it’s nightlife. Pubs, clubs and cocktail bars means your night can be as quiet – or as loud – as you like.

Bars and Clubs

Concert Square is at the heart of Liverpool’s nightlife, offering students a city centre hub to meet up with their friends and enjoy a night out. The square is always busy, with outdoor seating, heat lamps and waterproof parasols making sure that even the unpredictable British weather can’t dampen the fun. With the majority of Liverpool’s most popular clubs sitting on the surrounding roads, it’s likely most students will find themselves settling down for the night here at some point during their studies.

Live Music

Music always has been, and likely always will be a way of life in Liverpool. Because of this, live music venues can be found all over the city, with places like the View Two Gallery – on the same round as the world famous Cavern Club – providing new live music for an entrance fee of just £3, while bigger venues like the O2 Academy and the Echo Arena host world famous names.

Quiz Nights

Quiz Nights are a beloved pastime of student, and the pubs around the city are more than happy to provide them. Regular quiz nights offer weeknight entertainment throughout the city, with pubs like the Font – situated next door to Liverpool University and it’s student accommodation – providing regular student events to keep the term time interesting.

Something Different

Even with all there is to offer for a night out in the city, sometimes it’s nice to have something a bit different – and with Camp & Furnace, you get exactly that.

Found in the city’s up and coming Baltic Triangle, Camp & Furnace is quite literally something different every week. The large open warehouse space is constantly transformed, and from one week to the next you could walk in and find yourself in a comedy club, a caravan park, eating a roast dinner or attending a fine wine tasting. With it’s curious interior and exciting events, Camp & Furnace is something every student needs to check out!