How to pack when you’re leaving for uni

So you’re off to uni next year, but what exactly do you need to take with you? Here’s some tips while you’re planning the big move.

Travel light

Remember, you’re likely moving into a small room, sharing with other students and you might even need to drag your luggage across a campus or up stairs – so make sure you just bring the essentials! A couple of boxes, some bed linen and a suitcase full of clothes is all you really need – don’t forget you’ll be moving out again next June!

Don’t forget the essentials

While it’s important not to overpack, you also need to make sure that you remember the essentials. Important documents like your passport, driver’s liscence or other ID, Insurance documents and any relevant letters or certificates needed for your course are vital. It’s also useful to have spare passport photos on your computer which you can easily use for photo ID, for example student cards or rail passes. Once you’re sure you’ve got these, you can start thinking of other things you can’t do without – we know chargers and electronics will be near the top of most student’s lists – but don’t forget text books and stationary for your course!

passport bag

You don’t need to buy expensive stuff

Once you start living on a student budget, you’ll know the value of a good bargain – but even before you leave it’s best not to overspend. Living with other students is fun, but it can be hard at times – and having expensive items around the house can be a stress that you really don’t need. Bargain cutlery and kettles can be picked up easily, and having cheaper blankets or and bed linen removes the worry – most of the stuff you buy will probably only last for the first year, so there’s no need to put all your money into it!

Take a first aid kit

You never know what you’ll need at uni, but it’s better to be safe than sorry! A simple first aid kit with plasters, bandages and a some paracetamol are sure to come in useful over the course of the year. It mahy seem like an inconvenience now, but when you’re ill in bed – or, knowing students, nursing a hangover – you’ll be thankful you did it!

Check what the uni is going to provide

It might be an idea to hold off on buying too much general stuff until you know, first, what the uni will provide, and second, what your flatmates will be bringing with them. You could easily end up with multiple kettles and enough cutlery to  hold a banquet, so either getting in touch with your future flatmates or waiting until you get to uni could save you space and money. The same goes for what the uni provides – either checking online or contacting the university is a must before you buy anything you don’t need to.

kettle and toaster



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