6 reasons to chose a smaller university

You have a better relationship with your tutors

A small university means seminars and lectures have a more personal feel to them. When classes are small, you have more chance to get your voice heard – discussions and debates are much more interesting between a small group of engaged students than in a huge hall where no one feels like speaking. On top of this, small classes can really help you come out of your shell – being part of a group you see every week helps you feel comfortable taking part in discussions and expressing your ideas – and it’s nowhere near as intimidating as speaking up in front of a massive lecture theatre! Plus, we all know what students are like – and it’s handy to have a friendly tutor that will occasionally look the other way when you oversleep for your 9am seminar!

You feel more like a part of the local community

When you study at a small university, you’re not just a student – you’re also living alongside the local residents. When there are fewer students, there won’t be as much catering solely to the students in the area – and because of this, you get more opportunity to join in with local events and meet local people. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know a town or city like a local, and not just see the student side of it.

The student population is close-knit

No matter what course you’re on or what year you’re in, if you’re in a small university together it’s likely you’ll get to know each other. It’s like living in a small town instead of a big city – a smaller uni normally has a more friendly atmosphere, and you’re much less likely to get lost in the crowd.

friendly students.jpg

More chances to get involved in clubs and activities

Just because the university’s smaller, doesn’t mean people are less interested in sports and clubs! What it does mean though, is that you’re more likely to get the chance to take part in extra-curricular activities. This might even mean helping to set up or run the clubs you’re interested in. Not only is this an exciting opportunity, but it’s also excellent experience and looks great to any future employers.

You feel like an important part of the university

One of the main reasons going to a smaller university is such a rewarding experience is because it makes you feel like an integral part of university life. Whether you’re just adding to the discussion in a seminar or organising events and excursions, you know that you’re making a difference and that your contributions matter!

Tutors have more time to give you personalised academic advice

Whether you’re just finding your way during your first term at uni or you’re in the middle of writing your final dissertation, a smaller student population means tutors have the chance to give you the help and advice that you need to get the most out of university. With fewer students to accommodate, tutors can spend valuable time helping you with your research or advising you on how to improve – an opportunity students in larger university could be missing out on.




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