The UK’s latest trend – board game cafes

Draughts – London

draughts london

Named after the classic game, Draughts is London’s first board game cafe, providing a relaxed and friendly setting to hang out with your friends. For just £5 visitors get access to hundreds of games, with craft beers and quality food making it the perfect place to spend a long afternoon. Check out their website here.

Games Hub – Edinburgh

games hub edinburgh.jpg

For a £2.50 cover charge, Games Hub offers unlimited access to hundreds of games, while the cafe keeps you from going hungry, even during the lengthiest of marathons. The on-site shop includes discounted games and memorabilia, and the regular themed events they host are popular with locals and visitors alike. Visit them of Facebook to find out more.

Sugar and Dice – Liverpool

sugar and dice

Sugar & Dice is Liverpool’s first ever board game cafe. Having opened just last year, it’s already proving popular in the city, hosting regular events from beginners D&D evenings to play-testing newly released games. A quick session is just £2, while lengthier games cost no more than £5. The cafe has something for everyone, with food and drink varying from espresso and a bagel to craft beer and a bowl of Haribo. Check out the games list on their website for an idea of what they’ve got to offer – believe us, it’s a lot!

The Dice Cup – Nottingham

the dice cup nottingham

Run by, as they call themselves, “3 board game geeks from Nottingham”, the Dice Cup’s £5 cover charge comes with expert guidance from staff that love the games as much as the customers do. With hundreds of games to chose from, the cafe also offers various annual membership deals, ranging from a basic £60 option that gives you £2 off the cover fee to a premium £200 option that removes the cover fee completely, gives you 10% off food and drink and a further 20% off any board game purchases. Visit their website to find out more.

Chance and Counters – Bristol

chance and counters bristol

For a £4 cover charge, Chance and Counters offers over 300 games, along with a wide choice of food and drink to go with it. Sitting at the bottom of the historic Christmas Steps, the cafe provides a cosy setting for a long afternoon of tabletop entertainment. Check out their website here to find out more about what the cafe has to offer.

Thirsty Meeples – Oxford

Thirsty Meeples board game cafe, Oxford.
Photograph: Graham Turner.

This list could never go without a mention of Thirsty Meeples, one of the oldest and largest board game cafes in the UK. Having opened in 2012, Thirsty Meeples paved the way for tabletop gaming cafes across the country, and still boasts the largest collection with over 2000 games to choose from. For £4.50 customers get access to this huge library, which continues to grow as the cafe brings in any new games they can find. Visit their website here to see their games library for yourself.



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