10 Reasons to study abroad

See the world

This is your chance to get out there and explore a new country! With no one depending on you, no mortgage and no holiday allowance, there’ll never be a better time to travel.

Experience a different culture

A new country means a new way of life, and living abroad means being thrown right into it. New food, different holidays, festivals you’ve never heard of before – it’s all waiting for you when you study abroad.

Perfect your language skills

There’s no better way to master a language than to become friends with a local. You might even pick up an regional accent – and there’s nothing better than someone asking you if you’re from your year abroad city!

Make new friends

Living abroad means being thrown in at the deep end, and going through that with someone else normally means coming out the other end with a lifelong friend. But it’s not just other international students that you’ll meet – making friends from a new country mean living life like a local – and after your time abroad is over, you’ve got a go-to holiday destination!


Life experience

Living in a different country means becoming more independent, and forces you to be completely self-sufficient. This can be a difficult at first, but within a few weeks you’ll have settled in and feel ready to take on any challenges that come your way. Leaving your comfort zone can be exactly what you need to prepare yourself for life after university.

It looks good on your CV

Employers are always impressed by someone who has spent time abroad, as it shows that they are willing to take on a challenge and jump in at the deep end if needed. It also increases your employment options overseas, as you will prove to employers – as well as yourself – that you would be comfortable living in a different country.

Learn more about yourself

It may be cliched, but living abroad really does let you ‘discover yourself’. In a new city with new people, you can be whoever you want to be, and you will find out what exactly makes you tick, from what you miss most to what you don’t miss at all.

Student funding makes it more affordable

There are plenty of options that students can take to help cover the costs of living abroad, with grants and loans available from both your own university and your host one, while students looking to apply to foreign universities could even qualify for bursaries aimed at international students.

See your home in a different light

Living abroad can change your perspective on your own country, making you appreciate the small things, like certain brands, traditional celebrations or even just the community you come from. It will also make you appreciate your family and friends – making time to write to them, having them come to visit and talking to them on the phone can leave you feeling closer to them than ever.

become more adventurous

There are so many opportunities to take while studying abroad, from trying new pastimes to visiting new countries in your spare time. Learning a skill or taking up a hobby can not only help you make friends, but will be with you for life, while living in a new country means having cities and towns all around you just waiting to be explored.









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